A Little Bit About The Baby Friendly Kitchen


I’m Jo, a pharmacist (on maternity leave, but not for much longer), farmer’s wife and new mummy to a little boy. We live in rural Pembrokeshire on a beef and sheep farm.

I’ve always been a food – lover and enjoy great home cooking. Living on a farm means we are lucky enough to have access to wonderful fresh produce including our own meat and eggs. We love to grow our own fruit and vegetables and I get great pleasure from cooking and eating things we have grown where possible. I don’t believe in faddy diets or excluding food groups and I love eating as a family. I have started this blog as a place to share the recipes I have created since I began weaning my son. It is so important to me that we all eat together as a family so most of my recipes are suitable for adults and little ones alike. Dotted amongst the recipes I’ve written some other blog posts about parenting in general. I find both writing and reading blogs rather cathartic! I hope you enjoy what I write, I’d love to hear what you think.

Jo x